Ministerial membership of National Heritage (1992-1997/Culture 1997-2009

Date of Appn Secretary of State Ministers of StatePUSS
9.4.92David Mellor (79) Robert Key (83)
24/5.9.92Peter Brooke (77*) Robert Key (83)
27.5.93Peter Brooke (77*) Ian Sproat (70)
20.7.94Stephen Dorrell (79) Ian Sproat (70)
Viscount Astor
5.7.95Virginia Bottomley (84*) Ian Sproat (70)Lord Inglewood
* Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Lord Carter of Barnes (jointly with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) * Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Barbara Follett MP (and Minister for the East of England) * Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Gerry Sutcliffe MP * Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Sin Simon MP*
Date of Appn Secretary of State Ministers of StatePUSS
2.5.97Chris Smith (83)Tom Clarke (82*) Tony Banks (83)
Mark Fisher (83)
27.7.98Chris Smith (83)Alan Howarth (83)# Tony Banks (83)
Janet Anderson (92)
28.7.99Chris Smith (83)Alan Howarth (83)# Kate Hoey (89*)
Janet Anderson (92)
8.6.01Tessa Jowell (92)Baroness (Tessa) Blackstone
Richard Caborn
Kim Howells (89*)
13.6.03Tessa Jowell (92)Estelle Morris
Richard Caborn
Lord (Andrew) Mcintosh
7.5.05Tessa Jowell (92)Richard Caborn David Lammy (00*)
James Purnell (01)
5.5.06Tessa Jowell (92)Richard Caborn David Lammy (00*)
Shaun Woodward (97)#
29.6.07James Purnell (01) Margaret Hodge (94*) Gerry Sutcliffe (94*)
24.1.08Andy Burnham (01) Barbara Follet
Lord (Stephen) Carter (with BERR)
Gerry Sutcliffe (94*)
5.6.09Ben Bradshaw (97) Barbara FolletLord (Stephen) Carter (with BES)
Gerry Sutcliffe (94*)
Sion Simon (01)
The Department of National Heritage was created after the 1992 General Election. Its functions were previously carried out by a variety of Departments: Privy Council, Home, Education and Environment.

From May 1997 onwards the department was renamed the Department for Culture, Heritage and Sport, though its responsibilities remained largely unchanged.
* Peter Brooke was elected MP for the City of London and Westminster South at a By-election on 24.2.77.
* Virginia Bottomley was elected MP for Surrey SW at a By-election on 3.5.84.
* Tom Clarke was elected MP for Coatbridge and Airdrie at a By-election on 24.6.82.
* Iain Sproat was MP for Aberdeen South 1970-83, contested Roxbrugh and Berwickshire 1983, but lost, and was elected MP for Harwich 1992.
Kate Hoey was elected to replace Stuart Holland at a by-election in Vauxhall in 1989.
# Alan Howarth was elected the Conservative MP for Stratford-upon-Avon in the 1983 General Election, but defected to the Labour party in 1995. He, Shaun Woodward and Quentin Davies were the former Conservative MPs to serve as Labour ministers the Blair and/or Brown Governments, though Howarth was the only one of the trio to defect prior to Labour's 1997 General Election win.
David Lammy was elected MP for Tottenham on June 22nd 2000
#Shaun Woodward was elected the Conservative MP for Witney (preceded by Douglas Hurd and successed by David Cameron, potentially making it the only constituency to have been represented by three MPs who have been Cabinet members, albeit not at the time they represented Witney
Margaret Hodge was elected MP for Barking at a by-election on 9th June 1994.
Gerry Sutcliffe was elected MP for Bradford South at a by-election on 9th June 1994