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From this page you can find changes in Departmental Ministerial membership. The index is by Department. all Departments are complete from 1970 until 2009. The dates shown after each Department give the times between which the Ministers are listed. In some cases Departments have been merged, demerged, abolished or created. This necessarily restricts the data given. Where known I have shown where a Department has come from or into which pieces it has been dispersed.
The date in brackets after each Ministers name is the year that they entered parliament. An * after this date indicates either that a By-election was won to enter parliament, or that the Minister has been out of the HoC for a time, further details of this have been provided at the end of each page.


DepartmentPeriod Covered
Agriculture, Fisheries & Food 1970-2001
Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform 2008-2009
Children, Schools & Families 2007-2009
Constitutional Affairs 2003-2007
Culture, Media & Sport 1997-2009
Communities & Local Government2006-2009
Defence 1970-1997
Environment, Food & Rural Affairs 2001-2009
Education (& Science) 1970-1995
Education & Employment1995-2001
Education & Skills 2001-2007
Employment 1970-1995
Energy 1974-1992
Energy & Climate Change 2008-2009
Environment 1970-1997
Environment, Transport & the Regions 1997-2001
Foreign (& Commonwealth) 1970-2009
Health 1988-2009
Health & Social Security 1970-1988
Home 1970-2009
Industry 1974-1983
Innovation, Universities & Skills 2007-2009
International Development 1997-2009
Justice 2007-2009
Legal 1970-2009
National Heritage 1992-1997
Northern Ireland 1972-2009
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2002-2006
Overseas Development 1974-1979
Posts & Telecommunications 1970
Prices & Consumer Protection 1974-1979
Prime Minister 1970-2009
Privy Council 1970-2009
Public Buildings & Works 1970
Public Service Office 1992-1997
Scotland/Scottish 1970-2009
Scottish Executive 1999-2009
Social Security 1988-2001
Transport, Local Government & the Regions 2001-2002
Technology 1970
Trade 1970, 1974-1983
Trade & Industry 1983-2008
Transport 1970-2009
Treasury 1970-2009
Wales/Welsh 1970-2009
Welsh Assembly Government 1999-2009
Whips, House of Commons 1970-2009
Whips, House of Lords 1970-2009
Work & Pensions 2001-2009

I have adopted the practise throughout these pages of listing the date of the start of the reshuffle, or the event that triggered it. Reshuffles can take many days to filter their way throughout government but by and large I have presumed they have all happened on the same day. This makes it easier to follow the results of a reshuffle but does mean that the date given may precede the actual date of appointment by a few days.

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